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Barastoc: Omega-3s Beneficial to Joint Health

Barastoc: Omega-3s Beneficial to Joint Health

Recently, some of the world’s most experienced arthritis researchers collaborated to better define the impact of a diet enriched in omega-3 fatty acids on joint disease.

Australasian Focus

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Thoroughbred stallion

Antioxidants and Cooled Stallion Semen Quality

One proposed hypothesis explains that poor semen quality following cooling involves the production of high levels of free radicals that damage sperm cell membranes. With this in mind, several research groups attempted to add antioxidants to collected semen samples as protection from free radical damage.


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mare and foal

Mare Care: Improve Colostrum Quality

High-quality colostrum nourishes foals and protects them from disease-causing pathogens. Colostrum of lesser quality can leave a foal ill-equipped to handle pathogenic assaults. How can owners ensure their mares produce top-of-the-line colostrum?

KER Research

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yearling sales

How Important Are Size and Body Condition for Thoroughbred Sale Yearlings?

Buyers look at various factors--pedigree, conformation, and racing performance of siblings--when considering the purchase of a Thoroughbred yearling. This study was conducted to find out the influence of body size and condition score on sale price.


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sick horse

Five Facts: Equine Herpesvirus-1

How do horses become infected with equine herpesvirus-1, and how can you prevent your horse from getting sick at your next event? Check out these five fast facts to avoid “going viral.”

General Interest

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horse eating hay

Forage Shortages and Weed Toxicity in Horses

Though they generally seek out nutritious, palatable plants, horses are inquisitive and will sample an array of vegetation if available, some of which is less than wholesome and maybe toxic.