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Barastoc: Feeding Horses After Exercise for Optimal Recovery

Barastoc: Feeding Horses After Exercise for Optimal Recovery

Equine nutritionists have identified three key considerations when feeding for recovery after exercise: rehydration, replenishment of muscle glycogen stores, and muscle repair and recovery.

Australasian Focus

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Thoroughbred horse training

Use of Recovery Supplements in Horses

Although most equine athletes will quickly recover after exercise, many owners elect to expedite the process through nutrition and nutritional supplements.


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pregnant horse

Feeding Mares in Late Gestation: Four Tactics for Success

Pregnant mares require special nutritional attention to ensure the maintenance of their own health and body condition along with the proper growth of the developing fetus.

KER Research

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sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim

Is Nutrient Digestibility Affected by Antibiotic Use in Horses?

This experiment was designed to test whether chronic administration of sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim (SMZ) affects digestibility in mature horses.


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horse footing

Joint Supplements Help Idle and Working Horses

An age-old question: can joint supplements really help my horse?

General Interest

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Sleeping foal

Delivery Pending: A Checklist for Mare Owners

Is your broodmare ready for foaling, nursing, and rebreeding? If you’re unsure, consider this eight-point checklist.