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Barastoc: Omega-3s Beneficial to Joint Health

Barastoc: Omega-3s Beneficial to Joint Health

Recently, some of the world’s most experienced arthritis researchers collaborated to better define the impact of a diet enriched in omega-3 fatty acids on joint disease.

Australasian Focus

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temporomandibular joint in horses

Chewing Problems in Horses: Consider TMJ Issues

Abnormalities within the oral cavity, such as dental malocclusions characterized by misaligned teeth, may cause abnormal forces to be placed on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), triggering inflammation and degeneration.


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treating asthma in horses

New Approach to Equine Asthma: Nebulization and Fatty Acids

One group of researchers suggested that nebulization of standard injectable formulations of dexamethasone sodium phosphate could serve as an economical, safe, and effective alternative to commercial inhaled corticosteroids for managing equine asthma.

KER Research

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insulin resistance in aged horses

What Is the Effect of a High-Fat Diet on Insulin Sensitivity in Older Horses?

This study was designed to examine whether short-term adaptation to a high-fat diet would affect insulin sensitivity in aged horses.


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horse with Cushing's disease

Support Skin, Hooves in Horses with Cushing's

In addition to stereotypical changes in hair coat, such as overgrowth or hirsutism, and poor hoof quality and laminitis, many horses with Cushing's have an increased risk of developing skin infections.

General Interest

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training methods for horses

Hypoxic Training Improves Fitness in Horses

If you feel your horse’s training has reached a plateau but you’re not competing at the level you hoped to, new research* supports the theory that hypoxic training can help improve fitness.