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Australian stringhalt

Unraveling the Secrets of Australian Stringhalt in Horses

Horses with Australian stringhalt jerk their hind legs up under their bodies, hyperflexing the hock and stifle joints with each step. An association has been determined between the movement disorder and ingestion of a perennial herb called false dandelion, cats-ear, or flatweed.


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mineral interactions

Factors Affecting Mineral Digestibility in Horses

Some minerals are more easily absorbed by horses than others, and an oversupply of selected minerals can interfere with absorption of others, so it’s important to include the correct mineral amounts and ratios in equine diets.

KER Research

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yearling size

Do the Most Expensive Sale Yearlings Have More Horse-Racing Success?

This study examined body size and selling price of yearlings and compared these with results from a study of yearling size and future racing performance.


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respiratory disease

Heaves and Other Breathing Problems in Horses

Minor degrees of airway inflammation and small increases in mucus production quickly take their toll on horses, and every effort must be made to keep respiratory disease at bay.

General Interest

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FEI endurance rule changes

FEI Discusses Changes to Rules for Endurance Events

Several rule changes for the discipline of endurance are being discussed in roundtable talks in Lausanne, Switzerland, as part of the FEI Sports Forum.